SPILT MILK 2007-2009

A Youth Performance Troupe and New Work
In early 2007 Westside began a professional performance troupe made up of a quorum of long-term training members, led by Artistic Director Debby Maziarz. This new development provided another professional development pathway for young people to become paid performers and devisers of professional works. Arts Victoria funding and further philanthropic support facilitated the professional creation of a new work Spilt Milk. Even before it was made, Spilt Milk was selected by Regional Arts Victoria for a six week tour in 2008. Spilk Milk and an accompanying workshop package, Milk It which was developed in partnership with BeyondBlue, toured to 33 primary and secondary schools across Victoria with Regional Arts Victoria’s Arts2Go program.
Spilt Milk is a playful work using circus, gestural performance, mask with rich visual imagery to explore the power of collective story making and myth in shaping our behaviour and attitudes towards others. The work was developed around the theme of every person’s right to acceptance, specifically for a young audience.

Cleo-and-friends-in-Spilt-Milk-a-show-about-depression. spilt-milk-headstands spilt-milk-tower-BW spilt-milk-tower-photoshop everybody-group everybody-luke Spilt-Milk-Group-Jump

Artistic Director
Debby Maziarz
Ania Reynolds
Circus Trainer / Director
Andrea Ousley
Costume & Props
Amanda Fairbanks
Assistant Director
Ailsa Wild
Robin Laurie
John Romeril

Gen Elmes
Sacha Fawkes
Luke O’Connor
Christy Flaws
Cleo Cutcher