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Trade with Me

2Trade with Me is a social art experiment where artists invite the public to trade ‘services for art’ via wearable sandwich boards. 10 Melbourne based artists will collaborate with social entrepreneur and concept artist Debby Maziarz to identify current skills, products and services for trade and their needs to sustain a creative life. Artists will then work alongside visual artist UB to design and build a personalised trading ad and wear these in high foot traffic spaces in Melbourne’s CBD.

Artists will document their encounters with the public and the trades that are subsequently made using go pros over a 3-day period. The experiment will test artists’ sales skills and the publics’ level of interest and engagement with the artist, their offerings and the notion of trade.

This project displays artists’ haves and wants in a public space. It seeks to create new conversations, connections and mutually beneficial trades. The data gathered will contribute towards research lead by Debby Maziarz about bartering and non monetary trade as both artform and arts practice.


  • Participate in ‘bartering 101’ training and reflection activities
  • Work with a visual artist to design and make a wearable ad
  • Wear their sandwich boards with other artists over a 3-day period in September 2018
  • Interact with the public (can be in character if desired) during and post the experiment

Selected artists will be paid for their time.

Expressions of interest have now closed for this project.

Arts Barter Australia: An Action Research Project by Debby Maziarz

Arts Barter Australia ReportIn 2014 Debby Maziarz received funding from an Australia Council for the Arts Executive Leadership grant to investigate bartering (a mutually agreed non-monetary exchange of goods and services) as a model for supporting artists in sustaining their practice. Over 18 months Debby developed her own understanding of this approach, and conducted research in order to contribute new knowledge to the field. Arts Barter Australia: An Action Research Project by Debby Maziarz documents that research and provides recommendations and insights to fellow barterers and artists. The full 20,000 word report will be launched soon and will be freely available for use by interested parties.

Download the Executive Summary (including a summary of key findings and recommendations) and sign up to Debby’s mailing list to receive the full detailed report launching soon.

Arts Barter Australia: An Action Research Project by Debby Maziarz was prepared by Ricci-Jane Adams for creative knowledge collaborations and Debby Maziarz.

How to Trade Art With Your Dentist

2-267529-Main-476x357-4“There could be a way to use your art not only as armory against requests to work for free, but also to cover the basic costs of living.

Creative Consultant and former Artistic Director of Westside Circus, Debby Maziarz, is looking into just that – how artists can trade their work with their dentists, real estate agent, perhaps even their local supermarket.”

Read Debby’s full interview in ArtsHub on the barter economy for artists with Madeleine Dore, ArtsHub Deputy Editor.