Current Projects


Arts Barter Wyndham is a creative collaboration between Big West Festival (BWF), Wyndham City Council Arts & Culture and Debby Maziarz Productions. 20 Wyndham based artists were invited to participate in an action research project that explored bartering as a way to build social and cultural capital. The project included 3 skills development workshops, bartering events and the establishment of an ongoing bartering network.

One outcome of the project was the launch of Reciprocal – a choir that operates on barter ( DMP is currently mentoring individual artists who are involved in the Wyndham Arts Incubator to establish an artist run space as a cooperative in Point Cook.

The Arts Barter Wyndham Research report will be available in January 2017.


Arts Barter Australia (ABA) is a new bartering and exchange network for artists and social entrepreneurs. It provides skills training, resources, social art projects and a physical and digital platform for artistic exchange and collaboration.

Our vision is for a healthy, resourceful and interconnected community through the creation and exchange of art.

DMP in partnership with Big West Festival received funding from Wyndham City Council, to design and lead a region wide arts bartering experiment “Arts Barter Wyndham” targeting 20 Wyndham based artists. Framing the experiment was the central question: ‘What are our personal and collective assets and how can we organise and trade these to best achieve a sustainable arts community?’ Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams was engaged to conduct the action research component of the project.

To get involved and join the development phase of ABA , please complete the online survey at:  Arts Barter Australia survey

To follow initial development activities of the ABA network, and to see what happened when I bartered my grant writing / professional development workshop in exchange for other artists goods/services,  go the Great Grant Exchange

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