A Westside Circus Production presented as part of the Fringe Festival.
Two sisters are plunged into chaos following their parents’ reasoned and mutual separation. The Albatross explored the reverberations and consequences of separation in figurative and imaginative realms. Following a mythical journey of self exploration, the sisters wander a heartless driven trail encountering tests, obstacles and surreal creatures while searching for their lost albatross and for their perfect world that once was. Accompanied by the multi-talented and exuberant Westside Circus Band, The Albatross combined physical theatre and stunning original music to explore the notion of freedom as a parting of ways.
Albatross won a Fringe Festival best performance award and a rave review from Helen Thompson from The Age:” The albatross is one of the most beautifully composed and performed circus shows I have ever seen.”


resized_albo Albatross-Circle Theatre_albotrose0231 Theatre_albotrose022 cleo_resized Westside-Circus-participant-Francis-soaring-through-the-air.

Artistic Director
Debby Maziarz
Costume Designer
Emily Kane
Circus Trainer / Director
Andrea Ousley
Lighting Designer / Operator
Jake Argy
Musical Director
Paula Dowse
Franca Stadler
Marcia Ferguson
Sound Design / Engineer
Pete Camilleri
Production Manager
Gina Gascoigne

Westside Circus Band
Justin Marshall
Ben Mastwyk
Carrie Webster
Sophie Dunn
Anita Quayle
Alisa Wild
Elsa Southern